Please keep this in mind while shopping around for WordPress web hosting: While WordPress will somehow run on just about any cheap web space, you will read lots of user stories from people complaining about exhausted memory, too restrictive PHP runtime limits, incompatible GD libraries, and what-not…

Frankly, basic cheap shared web hosting does not cut it any longer for any non-trivial WordPress blog.

As soon as you start to use one of the few mandatory plugins, be it SEO, Twitter and Facebook integration or a shiny image gallery, cheap web hosting often hits a wall. Error messages like the dreaded “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of … bytes exhausted” or “Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded” are a definite sign of an underpowered or overcrowded shared web host with too little resources to run WordPress.

With your own virtual private server you will not be bitten by any of these restrictions and let WordPress run in a web hosting environment with enough room to breathe.

This is the main reason why I chose to host this WordPress site on a Dreamhost Virtual Private Server. With plans starting at 15$ this is a very cost effective solution with enough room to grow.

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